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Perfect balance of fit and function. And that's before we talk about pockets.

Tomek Barc, Topstitch

our story

What if we did it ourselves? That was the premise in 2019 when I started drafting what it would take to create triathlon apparel from scratch, locally. 
From there it was an evolution – researching and sourcing our machinery with the focus being lean, small volume manufacturing. A smaller footprint allowing for more automation where we can, and higher attention to touch points when skilled hands are needed. I’m proud of the work we’ve put in, the momentum we’ve already built behind this facility and this project – we are going against all the trends that is pushing for offshoring everything. This is a something I’m incredibly passionate about – fighting to maintain manufacturing in the USA. 

Tomek Barc


We source all our fabrics from premium EU mills, our pads from premium family owned EU manufacturers, we are joining a long tradition of manufacturers partnering with suppliers that have both grown the industry and were key to the evolution of our sport.


Community from our local ambassadors that have connection to our entire brand - from our employees to seeing the production process for themselves. As well as building community with our colleges to promote manufacturing and industrial sewing with passionate students.

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